Eachean Edmundson

Glitter, Glum, and Dust

by Eachean Edmundson

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Ancient relics.
Forgotten magic.
Unimaginable darkness.
​Hungry chickens to feed.

Growing up is hard enough to do without having to worry about the coming apocalypse. And it’s even harder to keep a positive attitude when the world is ending. The whole Valley of Light is dying, as it has been for generations since the Great War destroyed most of civilization. Now Glitter, Glum, and Dust—three friends living in this bleak nightmare—are left to watch as the last of humanity slowly dies out. Everyone is getting sick, monsters prowl the very edges of their village, and even the people they love most are turning away from them. But an unexpected discovery just might change all of this. Glitter, Glum, and Dust find something long ago hidden away that stirs up even more trouble for them. Their discovery uncovers terrible secrets and lies, and offers them all the one thing they have been taught to fear more than anything else—hope.

The three children set out to discover the hidden mysteries of their town, Havenhold, in order to uncover the truth and save their dying world. Along the way they discover a forgotten history covered up in half-truths and lies, and they awaken a powerful magic that could either save the world or bring about its final destruction.